GDPR consent for users in EEA and UK

In compliance with GDPR regulations, our app may ask for your consent if you are located in the European Union.

If you do not agree, we can't display ads, so we suggest you buy our PRO version without advertising.

If you use the Manage options button on the consent form, by default and according to GDPR legislation you must manually activate several options in order to authorize the app to display Non-Personalized Ads.

Consent must be given to:

  • Store and/or access information on a device (Purpose 1)

The list below is generally enabled by default with legitimate consent.

Consent or Legitimate consent must be given to:

  • Select basic ads (Purpose 2)
  • Measure ad performance (Purpose 7)
  • Apply market research to generate audience insights (Purpose 9)
  • Develop and improve products (Purpose 10)
  • Go down to Vendor preferences and select vendor named Google Advertising Products from a very long list of vendors

As long as these conditions are not met, our app will display the message:

Sorry, we don't have the minimum consent needed to display ads, even non-personalized ones.

More info:

Google Ad - GDPR overview and guidance

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